SECURITY! The buzz word.

PC Professionals looks closely at security on your network from each workstation’s user login and what they have permission to use. Server security is something every business needs to look at from all angles. Physical location, network shares, user/group permissions, network access are all main concerns and if not secure, provide access from which company data can be stolen, altered or deleted by employees or competitors and outside sources.

Educate Yourself:

  • There are 64,000 ports to send/receive data on across the Internet to every computer.
  • How many are open by default on your server, desktop or firewall?
  • Is it better to have a software driven firewall or hardware driven?
  • Do you need a firewall running on every desktop on your network?
  • Where is the best placement for a firewall?

PC Professionals can put the proper model in place for your business. Network access from the Internet is the second place most companies get hack from, do you know the first? We can show you standard security holes and how to fix them.

A detailed checklist at how we perceive security on a local network:

  • Local Desktop Shares
  • Server Permissions
  • Desktop Permissions
  • Partition Formats
  • Wireless Local Network
  • VPN/RRAS/Remote Desktop
  • Proxy Server
  • Firewalls
  • Packets/Ports/Sockets
  • Services On Desktops/Servers
  • Locations
  • Backup Storage